The Way to Go About Security System Installation

So the Joneses did their own security system installation last week. Mr. Jones was up on his ladder for 2 hours drilling holes and hooking in cameras. He made it look easy and you’re considering how you’ll defend your manhood. Here’s the first tip, don’t fall for it! The rumor that DIY home security, and especially security system installation, is the best way to get your home protected is probably one of the biggest farces of the modern age. Couple enjoying coffee 126475073While painting your home yourself or installing the garden walkway was definitely doable on your own, home security is a completely different matter all together. When it comes to home security you’re decision is going to affect more than just the aesthetics of your property, it’s going to affect the protection of your family and the comforts that make it not just a house but a home. There’s a right way to go about security system installation and that’s by allowing the professionals to provide you with their expert knowledge and service. But you don’t have to just take my word for it, here are some of the reasons that experts and homeowners alike suggest you avoid DIY home security.

1.     Time Is Money

Everyone and their dog is going to try and convince you that security systems are all about saving money. Or at least they’ll say that’s the best reason to DIY your security. But isn’t time to be real about the money thing. They have long said that “time is money” and if time really is money then the time you spend trying to install a security system is time that could be spent elsewhere. That means that you’re really weighing the opportunity cost of self-installation. With all the research you need to do on devices, cost comparing, then homework on proper installation, and of course system set up- we’re talking about hours maybe even days of your life spent where a professional could provide a shortcut. Don’t sell yourself short here.

2.     Knowledge and Experience

A professional isn’t just winging it. “I’m sure that’ll work fine, we’ll just get a longer cord.” When they show up they’re committed to providing you with something a little more than layman’s knowledge of electronics. 1257832_97691437They show up and with experienced and expert eyes carefully inspect your property and help you determine where the devices would provide you with the best coverage. While you should take time to familiarize yourself with the system, you shouldn’t have to know the library of details that they do. That saves you time and ensures that the system is hooked up properly.

3.     Peace of Mind

Did you know that DIY home security system installation is a large part of the reason that 94% of all alarms are false alarms. Faulty installation means a system that doesn’t work right. It means a home that isn’t actually protected and the chance that in the case of an emergency proper response won’t happen. With professional installation you are guaranteed that peace of mind that not only does the system work properly but you are being watched over 24 hours a day.

Of course, it’s really your decision. Would you rather have home security that protects you and prevents disaster or the sense of accomplishment that comes from tackling a DIY project?