4 Mistakes with Home-Security Camera System Design

Here’s an all too common scenario in the security world: the homeowners are eager to get their home-security camera system installed, they throw together a list of the devices they’ll need, they buy the items and begin installing them. Project 113629983In the rush homeowners like this forget vulnerable spots on their property, corners where thieves can hide and windows to the basement where they can slip in unnoticed. Just like rushing can be a huge mistake in security camera system installation, not understanding how a security system should work can bring about some problems. While we can’t teach you everything in one small article, hopefully this list of 4 common security camera mistakes will help you avoid problems and design and system that optimizes your security.

Don’t Overlook Potential Entry Points

We know you aren’t going to overlook the front and back door, and that’s important because nearly 30% of all break-ins happen through the main entries to the home and 20% more for main floor windows. But many homeowners actually forget that the garage door is the biggest entryway to their house and don’t cover it with security cameras. Windows on ground level, especially basement windows, are easy to enter as well and should be not only fitted with locks, but covered by motion sensors and cameras if possible.

Make Sure to Have The Right Cameras For The Job

cameras-160997702While every camera has a lens, not every camera is going to do the same job. For example, a fixed focal length security camera that has a short field of view will not cover your back yard very well. There are many different types of cameras: bullet cameras are great for outdoor use, dome cameras are protected from vandalism and weather, PTZ cameras are incredibly useful for systems that will be regularly monitored etc. Each of these cameras might have different specs, such as fixed focal length, 720p resolution or wireless feed. Learn which cameras work the best in which types of scenarios and what resolution or special features will allow that camera to cover your vulnerabilities.

Plan For Remote Monitoring

When you buy cameras for your home make sure you purchase ones that have motion detection abilities. With the capabilities of home automation and security enhancements no home should be without remote monitoring or motion alerts. This means that you can look at your live feed remotely and that your camera will inform you of any movement around your home. These features ensure that you can look in on your home and make sure all is well.

Assuming All Wireless Was Created Equal

cell-95478718While wireless capabilities are flourishing in the world truly wireless security systems are not cheap. Many people make the mistake of assuming that a wireless analog system is going to be just as effective as an HD-SDI or IP system. While analog wireless systems are functional, they often require cabling anyway to power different components. Additionally only certain frequencies can be used to broadcast your wireless feed back to the recording and display devices and these frequencies are often SO BUSY that signals will be interrupted. If you’re going to get a wireless system make sure you have digital wireless.

You can enjoy real peace of mind when you know that your system has been properly designed and installed.