4 Best Features of a Home-automation System

What do you know about the innovative new home-automation system technologies that are sweeping the nation? Do you know what St. Louis home automation experts are hearing from homeowners? Remote home control 178895291Things like “wow!” and “managing a home has never been easier”. With a good home-automation system homes are being revolutionized and security systems with them as everything becomes easier to monitor and more convenient to use. Home security companies have been helping the home automation trend really catch hold as they offer automation with their security systems, but whether or not you have a security company to rely on, you can start integrating home automation into your system on your own, with all the automation apps that are coming available. Perhaps you’re wondering what about these home automation systems makes them so beloved. Here are 4 of the best features that a home-automation system can bring to your home.

Environment Control

Just like in your wildest sci-fi dreams, home-automation systems offer their owners a customized lifestyle. What’s your favorite music? What temperature do you like it while you sleep? Are you running low on milk at home? With the incredible features of home automation, or “smart” homes as they call them, your home can become your space! Household energy usage meter 186796121Thermostat monitoring allows these systems to actually learn the temperature patterns you like, and know how long it will take to be ready when you want it. Without ever needing to touch the thermostat it’ll change from 50 degrees at night to 68 degrees when you climb out of bed. During the day the AC can kick off to save you money, but come right back on before you get home. Additionally these systems can learn what music you like to listen too, when to expect you at the coffee maker in the morning and remind you while you’re out that you need milk.

Home Management

Homeowners who want to optimize their electricity usage adore home automation because these systems can provide them with endless amounts of information. How many gallons of water did you use last month. How many hours of electricity did your boys burn in the game room? How often were lights left on all day while you were at work? With home automation you cannot only measure these things, you can manage them, turning off lights and turning down the AC while you’re away.

Remote Monitoring

The businessman who operates a smartphone 177039305Better than a nanny cam, remote monitoring abilities only require you to install a small camera that can sync with your home automation system. Controlling this remotely from your phone allows you to turn on the camera LIVE and look in on your kids or pets at any time of day. Additionally many remote-monitoring cameras will turn on with motion detection and can inform you if there is unexpected activity in your home.

Home Security

Of course the biggest benefit of all is your home security capabilities. With home automation system integration you’ll find that security becomes a convenience. Leave the home without touching a thing and you can make sure the doors are locked and the security system is armed while you carpool to work. From work you can check in on the pet, or respond to a notification for activity on your front porch. You can even see when the front door closed after Timmy last night and remind yourself to talk to him about his curfew.

Home automation and security systems are a wonderful finisher to smart home advantages and even in St. Louis it’s becoming the best way to make your busy life a whole lot easier.