Awesome Home Security in St. Louis

IFull-length of burglar entering into house 452416383 know what you’re thinking, this is a great city, give me three good reasons why I would need home security in St. Louis! Well, here are three fantastic reasons. Reason 1: around 5,000 burglaries and 13 thousand thefts are reported EVERY YEAR in St. Louis.  Reason 2: Only 17% of homes in America have security systems. Reason 3: The homes that DO have security systems are nearly 300% less likely to be burglarized than those that don’t. I could go on, but I think that would be redundant. Let’s just agree that home security systems are incredibly important and you and your neighbors and your friends would enjoy far greater peace of mind if you would install a good security system in your home. Now don’t get me wrong, great security is about more than just hooking up the surveillance cameras and installing the keypad near your kitchen. As a matter of fact there are three simple layers to awesome security.

Layer One- Natural Security

Natural security is the term that security people use when referring to property care. You would be amazed how many burglars are shooed away from a potential target because the yard is too clean and the home too well kept for their liking. Most burglars prefer places to hide and signs that you’re not very attentive. home-security-152011468Keeping your lawn clear from toys and tools, your ladders and shovels in the shed (which you keep locked) and your lawn cut and trimmed is the perfect way to lay your first layer of security. Also bushes and hedges should be kept well maintained away from doorways and beneath windowsills so you can look out the window all the way to the street.

Layer Two- Physical Security

Physical security is the security that has protected homeowners since knights and castles, or at least log cabins. A lock on the door keeps out crooks. Deadbolts that are installed properly so that they extend a full inch into the doorframe and solid-core doors are physical security at it’s best. Make sure that your porch light is always working, you have motion activated flood lights on the dark sides of your home, and windows should be kept closed and locked when a room is empty. For all the nifty technology you might have, nothing keeps out a burglar like physical security.

Layer Three- Video Surveillance and Motion Detection

The final layer of your security system is the technological layer. 590268_41992492These are the icing on the cake, the pieces on a home that will send burglars skedaddling because they have no desire to be caught on film and captured while they’re at it. There should be a good camera over every entrance to the home. Motion sensors should be placed before doors and windows, and glass break detectors should be placed near windows. With electronic security systems you are not only preventing intrusion, you’re preparing against it. By ensuring that your security system is set up and constantly monitored by professional technicians you’re ensuring that action will be taken the second trouble strikes and that is the key to catching criminals.

If you don’t want to become a part of the crime statistics in St. Louis then it’s time that you get your home fitted with a good security system. Start with the things you can control, like your natural surveillance and physical security and call for professional help installing an electronic home-security system today! Just call 866-565-4305!